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Two men create video game and developing

Game Design

Manipulation of the spring, such as compression, expansion, bending, torsion and shaking, provides new expressions for creative gameplay.

Biometric feedback allows for the design of games that feel and react to the user.

VR, Training & Simulation

The controller is ideal for task simulations and VR/AR as its two-handed haptic motion interface portrays realistic human manipulation of physical objects.

Biometric feedback provides an extra layer of data to assess the user's response to the simulated task. 

Medical robot computing future concept.

Research, Health Care

The ability to capture multi-sensory data makes the controller a powerful new research tool.

Applications that explore the controller's haptic, 3D motion and biometric data can be monitored in real-time onsite and remotely over a computer network  

Play PC Games

The SPR1NG Controller can be used with PC games for enhanced player interactivity.

A software plugin offers versatile mapping of the spring-based actions, as well as the controller's standard buttons and joysticks. 

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